Homes by Maxim

Homes by Maxim Builds Your Architecturally Designed Dream Home To Match Your Budget And Personal Style.

 Every home project is unique. Combining the wants and needs of a client with the unique characteristics of the site, requires detail, precision and creative thinking. Thinking and experience, which Homes by Maxim bring to each and every one of their building projects.

Producing high quality, unique home designs, derived from an understanding of the complete picture we have a comprehensive library plan, which can be translated and adapted to suit a wide range of environments.

Having partnered with Philip Bidwell Architecture, we boast a shared philosophy that home design should interact with its surroundings to optimise the natural elements while enhancing the pleasure of daily living.

Embracing the notion that homes are personal sanctuaries has seen Homes by Maxim and Philip Bidwell Architecture create tranquil, restful abodes which are seamlessly able to translate from private hideaways to vibrant entertaining spaces.

With a goal to deliver an outcome which exceeds client expectations each and every time, Homes by Maxim encourages an applied design approach, resulting in a combination of design, development and construction efficiencies, saving you not only time and money, but offering value and confidence from start to finish.

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