Silverstream Location

Located just 7 minutes north of Northwood in semi-rural Clarkville, on the western outskirts of Kaiapoi, Silverstream is designed within a rich natural environment, with a wide range of features.


You will find stream side reserves with walkways, fitness stations and playgrounds - plus a beautiful retail village and pre school which create a strong sense of community and a welcoming family atmosphere.

It's Closer than You Think Now

Only 3-4 minutes from the start of the Northern Motorway and just over 7 minutes from Northwood Supa Centre, take the second exit after the Waimakariri River bridge (Ohoka Road exit).

The new arterial road which runs past the estate on Butchers and Giles Road now links directly onto the Ohoka Road exit making it even faster and easier. Please see map at right.


It will be even quicker in the future!

To be Completed:

  • Northern Arterial Bypass to the City which will connect the existing Christchurch Northern Motorway with QEII Drive near Winters Road, passing to the east of Belfast and Redwood. As part of this project the Waimakariri Bridge will be widened to three lanes heading north through to Tram Road, and QEII Drive will be four-laned, between Main North Road and Innes Road. Construction is expected to commence in 2016.

Recently Completed:

  • The recently opened Western Belfast Bypass is a new four-lane, median separated road bypassing Belfast and running from the existing Northern Motorway for approximately 5 km South to join Johns Road south of the entrance to The Groynes.  It provides a direct connection between the Christchurch Northern Motorway and Johns Road, thereby bypassing the Belfast urban area. This provides better access to and from the north of Christchurch connecting with Christchurch International Airport, and the south of the city, improving transport capacity and safety.