Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Silverstream subdivision?
Stages 1 to 4 will provide 611 of a possible 1,500 sections within the whole subdivision.

What size are the sections?
The section sizes range from approximately 300m² to 600m².

What are the high-density areas like?
The high density is a mix of 2, 3 and 4 bedroom villas located along the stream through to apartment style living closer to the retail village.

When will titles be issued?

All stages on the West Side of Island Road are now titled.

What does Silverstream subdivision offer the community?
There are abundant reserves throughout the estate including a reserve along the stream which features a pebble beach and jetty, a 2.8km running and cycling track with exercise stations and children's playgrounds. The retail village located opposite the playground is fully tenanted and provides all your basic needs and other services.

Is there fibre optic cable in Silverstream?  
Silverstream is a fibre optic only subdivision. Check the websites of the various providers to see if they can service your particular lot. 

Are there design restrictions on the housing?
There are covenants to ensure quality development and protect the value of your property.

Will Geotech reports be available free of charge?
Yes, reports are provided with each section purchased free of charge.

How stable is the land?
All remaining sections conform to TC2 classification.

Can we use our own builder?
Yes. Choose your section and use your own builder. We will advise and help you with design and can also recommend one of the reputable building companies working within the subdivision.

Can we have a wood burner?
Effective 15 May 2013, Silverstream was changed to Clean Air Zone 1 - refer to Ecan Heating Options for specific details